Overall Coordinators

Hillary Rose Owens

Year: Junior
Major: Communication Studies - Media Production
Contact Info: hillaryroseowens@gmail.com

Hillary worked as Design Coordinator for COUTURevolution 2010.  After loving her experience working on the show last year, she decided to gather some people up to put it on again for 2011!  Hillary works as a sales rep for Urban Outfitters, and in her spare time, she puts together outfits for her friends.  Sustainability and fashion are close to her heart, and she hopes that through COUTURevolution, other people will realize that the two can go hand-in-hand.

Linsey Martin

Year: Senior
Major: Art History and English
Contact Info: linseyy@gmail.com

Linsey worked with COUTURevolution 2010 as one of two Event Coordinators for the overall show, and has returned in 2011 as one of three main Coordinators for this year. As a stylist at a local boutique, she brings her knowledge of fashion and previous experience working with fashion shows and related events to this COUTURevolution project. She hopes to pursue a career as a fashion buyer or a development associate with a museum or gallery after she graduates in May, and is excited to make COUTURevolution 2011 one of the greatest successes of her senior year!

Stephanie Najjar

Year: First-year
Major: Chinese, Public Policy

Contact Info: najjar@email.unc.edu

Team Coordinators

Interior Design Coordinator: Kyle Fageol

Year: Sophomore
Major: Communications Studies (Media Studies)

Kyle was a designer for the first COUTURevolution show and really enjoyed the experience. He is still very interested in fashion, but wanted to try his hand at something different this time around. He hopes that his interest in design and appreciation for sustainability and fashion will cross over well into creating great visuals for the show.

Designer Coordinator: Atembe Fonge

Year: Junior
Major: Global Studies & Advertising

Atembe had heard of sustainable fashion, but until recently thought sustainable fashion was either drab, brown "organic-looking" clothes, or clothes made entirely out of things people typically throw away, like soda cans. It's SO much more than that--and yes, the clothes CAN look very chic, no matter what the material is! She hopes to learn more about this side of fashion, and is excited about guiding our designers through the process.

Outreach Coordinator: Rhea Keller

  • Year: Senior
  • Major: Art History with an Entrepreneurship Minor

Rhea has always had a passion for fashion, and loves the idea of being innovative AND green! She believes  that the fashion show is a great way to showcase various people's talents and do our part to save the environment.

Model Coordinator: Charlotte Taylor

Year: First-year
Major: Journalism

After her first trip to New York City in the spring of 2009, Charlotte not only fell in love with the city, she fell in love with the fashion of the city as well. Attempting to foster this love of fashion into something more, as a senior in high school she was a member of the Fashion Board in the Brass Plum Department of her local Nordstrom where she worked as model for the revealing of their Fall 2010 Collection. As the Model Coordinator for COUTURevolution's 2nd Annual Sustainable Fashion Show, Charlotte is thrilled to be working behind the scenes with the models this time around, and particularly, to be working in the name of sustainable fashion.

Backstage Coordinator:  Eve von Bleyle

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Dramatic art/studio art

Eve wanted to get involved with this show because she has always loved working backstage in theater and another love of hers is fashion so what better than to be able to combine the two?

Advertising Coordinator: Kristina Walker

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Journalism, Minor: English and Art History

When one first thinks of great items of clothing and fashion as a whole, sustainability and eco friendly are usually not the first descriptive words of choice.  CoutuRevolution fuses these ideas and creates a completely new genre of fashion.  Also, the fashion show promotes sustainability in a fun, expressive, and creative way.